Our Founder

Our Founder

The Pincus Family Foundation, formerly known as the Pincus Charitable Fund, was founded by Philanthropist David N. Pincus (1926-2011) in 2005. David Pincus dedicated his time not only to providing financial assistance to those in need, but hands-on, face-to-face assistance and aid to children all around the world. He was so committed to his charitable passions that he was known to celebrate his birthday each year by traveling to a distressed part of the world to provide hands on aide and was known to change his plans at the last minute to help someone in need—he would even miss holidays and commitments at noteworthy events to help others.

David Pincus was a study in contradiction: he was intensely private yet impossible to ignore. Through his philanthropy he helped establish clinics in Harlem for children with AIDS as he did for children in South Africa and in the Dominican Republic. Bosnia, Ethiopia, Sarajevo and the Philippines are but a few of the places he felt compelled to lend a hand. His philanthropy knew no bounds as he supported numerous organizations that focused on children's health, education and recreation.

Journey to Somalia

"I decided I would spend my 60th birthday in Somalia. Somalia is situated in the horn of Africa. I knew nothing about Somalia other than it is the second largest refuge for refugees in Africa, second only to the Sudan. I knew I wanted to help any way possible." —David Pincus, 1985

Journey to Haiti

"There is something that we all crave and need - LOVE. it comes about, or doesn't come about, in many ways. The children all lying on the floor, rocking themselves backwards and forwards without any help or love, just the demand that their bodies need - TO BE HELD, TO BE HUGGED." —David Pincus, 1987

Journey to Nairobi

"Can anyone not be staggered by the number? 2,000 to 4,000 die each day and already 25% of the children under the age of five have died. We are all suspect for who cares about those people "IN WHERE DID YOU SAY IT WAS?" attitude. So what, but SOME of us CARE, as does my affiliation, CARE, and all of its people. All That is NOT given is Lost Life Amongst The Dead." —David Pincus, 1992

Journey to Sarajevo

"As I reflect back on many years of helping and visiting refugee camps, of seeing what those less fortunate don't have, I wonder what and if the world could do more for those in their staggering plight of tragic circumstance." —David Pincus, 1995

Journey to Israel

"The day was special sitting next to the new President of Israel and partaking in the joys of the children parading, dancing, and playing "round" ball (basketball). Yes it is meaningful and moving for me as I now feel my period, my life I have so much that I still must accomplish and??? Am I running out of time??? It is true but somehow I have to do more then, don't I?"David Pincus, 1996